Maiomi - Download Digital Printable Designs for T-shirts

About project

Period: Dec 2021 to Feb 2023

Client: Maiomi

Subject: Brand Visibility in E-commerce Market

Maiomi is a United States-based e-commerce website that pioneered online shopping for digital design downloads for men, women, and kids.

Our Task Was

Market research for digital download design online shopping:

Initially, we audit a website, analyze it, and make changes according to Google guidelines. Then, we start the SEO task.


Process steps, Naveck can help Maiomi to develop and implement a successful growth strategy.

  • Understand Maiomi’s business model, target audience, and specific growth goals.
  • Conduct a market analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Research competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a customized growth strategy.
  • Implement the growth strategy and track its progress.
  • Monitor the results of all marketing campaigns.
  • Evaluate and adjust the growth strategy as needed to ensure that Maiomi is on track to achieve its goals.


Naveck can help Maiomi to grow its e-commerce business and reach more customers around the world.

  • 100+ Keyword Rank in Top #5 Google Organic
  • Grow Industry Specific Traffic
  • Good Numbers of ROI
  • Good Reputation in Market


Naveck can help Maiomi to build a strong customer base and achieve sustainable growth.

We are happy for client satisfaction to build a customer experience, deliver on our promises, and be transparent and communicative.