Pomona college

About project

Period: May – Sep 2015

Client: Pomona College in Claremont, California, United Estates

Subject: Develop Education Website with Drupal

Pomona College is a place where students can live on campus & be part of a vibrant community. Ninety percent of students live on campus all year.

Our Task Was

Market research and Develop education website with Drupal CMS

Develop student portal, parent portal, and learning management system, e-learning portal, library management for educational resources


Process steps, Naveck has developed a Pomona educational website for business owner’s goals and target audiences.

  • Planning: Define the goals of the website, identify the target audience, and determine the content.
  • Design: Design the individual pages and elements with visual appeal and easy navigation, using responsive design.
  • Development: Code the website and database to store the website’s data, and implement any necessary functionality.
  • Testing: Test the website’s functionality and the overall user experience on a variety of devices.
  • Launch and Maintenance: Make the website live on the internet, and maintain it by updating the content, fixing any bugs, and adding new features and functionality.


Naveck can help Pomona grow in the education industry and provide a better learning experience for its students.

  • Easy-to-navigate with responsive design
  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • E-learning management system
  • Student portal and parent portal
  • Secure and reliable website


A Pomona educational website developed by Naveck would be a valuable resource for students, parents, and the community. It would provide a central location for information about the school’s educational programs, resources, and events. The website would also be a platform for students to share their work and connect with each other.